Apt Status Updates Of Celebs on Whatsapp

Apt Status Updates Of Celebs on Whatsapp

We do know about the presence of celebs on social media sites, but imagine if they were to keep statuses, what kind of status would they be? Here, we in a funny way try to tell you what their status would be.

1) Karan Johar - 'Available'

This status would suit him the best, this director is so vella that you will see him in almost every other reality show of every other channel.

2) Salman Khan - 'I am a Virgin :P'

Next you have every Salman fan saying, dekha bhai ki greatness… Girlfriend Aishwarya ho ya Katrina, bhai humesha virgin rahenge.

3) Sunny Leone - 'Same pinch Salman'

This is her reaction after seeing Salman's status update. After today, the definition of virgin has completely been changed.

4) Shahrukh Khan - 'Leave my son alone, first the media was behind him and now Veena Malik is behind his name'

We feel you SRK, we really feel bad too, akhir copy kiya bhi toh kisne VEENA ne!

5) Ranbir Kapoor - 'Busy'

Busy where??? On the beaches of Spain..

6) Ajay Devgan - 'Going to be the next teeth of Colgate'

R.I.P Colgate

7) Kareena Kapoor - 'I love you Saifu'

After this status was updated Shahid deleted whatsapp.

8) Hrithik Roshan - 'Anybody interested in giving me company tonight? #bangbangdare

We all know how hardworking Hrithik is; he probably would not leave any chance of promoting his movie.

9) Katrina Kaif - 'Dr Cabbie releases on 19 September. Please do watch it, it has my sister Isabel as the lead and my BROTHER Salman as the producer'

Next thing is Salman fans cursing her.

10) Ranveer Singh - 'Guys please stop reading Times Of India'

Yes Ranveer, we understand why you want people to stop reading TOI.

11) Arjun Kapoor - 'Bhai love you forever'

We would like to know the REAL reason why he gives more credit to Salman than his own father.

12) Poonam Pandey - 'Having a boring Sunday, let me light it up for you with my sexy selfie'

Poonam Pandey is an amazing character. We have never seen such an self obsessed person. You can tweet her saying someone died at your place and she will be like 'Ohh that's sad, here is a picture of mine to make you feel better'

13) Akshay Kumar - 'My next movie releases in 3 months' (Updated 1 year ago)

This status need not be changed, the khiladi has three to four movies releasing every year so it isn't wrong anyways.

14) Sonam Kapoor - 'Drowning in arrogance, burning in the fire of passion. One day I will rise as the diamond among the rocks and become an actor.'

Caution - Don't even try reading it again, you won't get the meaning anyways. She just wanted to say that she will be an actress and we know she never will.

15) Tusshar Kapoor - 'Guys Bade Ache Lagte Hai rocked it at the TRP chats'

I pity Tusshar, he has no single movie to brag about so the guy has to brag about his sister's serials.

16) Uday Chopra - 'Got my next movie, damn excited'

And the director who gave you your next movie is... no prizes for guessing who!!

17) Amitabh Bachchan - 'I wish Abhishek could act' (Updated when Abhishek was born)

Seems everyone knew his future!

18) Emraan Hashmi - 'Can someone please offer me a movie without any intimate scenes'

After this update, all the directors BLOCKED Emraan on whatsapp. There couldn't be a better way to answer this question.

19) Ram Gopal Varma - 'Phoonk 3 coming soon'

Whatsapp blocked him after this

20) Deepika - 'Thanks Ranveer for the support, you are the only guy who looks me into the eyes'


21) Alia Bhatt - 'Guys please watch my video made by AIB 'Genius of the year', might change your opinion about me'

Yes Alia, we saw the video but 'Koffee with Karan' is unforgettable.

22) Sonakshi Sinha - 'Finally lost my weight, now 120 kgs only'

Ummmmmm, no comments

23) Tiger Shroff - 'All of a sudden getting offers of female leads ;( '

Finally, you are getting the role which suits you!

24) Anushka Sharma - 'Virat <3'

We remember a similar status having the letters R.A.N. something, hope this name remains on your status forever.

25) Asin - 'Feeling unloved'

Asin you are jobless because your case is hopeless.

26) Himesh Reshammiya - 'I am an all rounder'

Himesh you forgot to end the sentence, the last word should have been 'FLOP'.

27) Shraddha Kapoor - 'My daddy is the best… Aaaoooo'

Agreed, but let's not discuss about what.

28) Siddharth Malhotra - 'I am not gay'

We would have not commented on this if we had not seen 29

29) Varun Dhawan - 'I am not gay'

Guys have to be so self explanatory sometimes!

30) Aamir Khan - 'PK releases new family friendly poster'

Hope it is not the first poster you are talking about.


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