Dabboo Ratnani's 2015 Calendar Pics

Dabboo Ratnani's 2015 Calendar Pics

The most renowned photographer of Bollywood Dabboo Ratnani launched this year's calendar amidst all the excitement and buzz. Since the past 16 years, Dabboo has been coming up with the Bollywood-oriented calendar which showcases a different side of every actor in a unique and never-seen-before avatar. Celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan religiously appear in every year's calendar.

These calendars are not for the public but only for the industry-wallahs, yet manage to garner huge buzz because of the amazing photography skills of Dabboo and the prospect of watching their favorite stars in different and unique themes.

Let us look at the most amazing and quirky ones of the year that got us glued to the calendar.

1. Hrithik Roshan:

 hrithik roshan

An intense Hrithik standing against a dark background. Though the color combination of the picture is colorful with blue and red, the mood is shady.

2. Priyanka Chopra:

 priyanka chopra

As Priyanka described this photo-shoot, this picture defines women empowerment. The picture shows a happy Priyanka, perhaps still in her 'Mary Kom' mood, effortlessly lifting a car all by herself showing how strong she is.

3. Akshay Kumar:

 akshay kumar

“Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji…Hooo…. Thoda Kaccha Hai Ji…”

4. Vidya Balan:

 vidya balan

Vidya's chronicles with Dabboo Ratnani continues. Every time we see her in the calendar, she appears to be clothed a little less than before (except for the sizzling 2011 where she was draped in just white paint). And going by this year's photo shoot, Vidya chose to wear nothing but cover herself with the newspaper.

5. Farhan Akhtar:

 farhan akhtar

The witty and charming Farhan turns into a bathroom singer. Certainly the most colorful and lively picture amongst the lot. He looks fascinating in the peach suit posing like a professional singer.

6. Jacqueline Fernandez:

 Jacqueline fernandez

The bubbly and gorgeous Jacqueline makes her debut in Dabboo Ratnani's calendar this year. And looks like her sheer excitement has been used as the prop in this photo-shoot. She looks fab with the big white towel wrapped around her while jumping with joy on the couch. That bubbly and cute smile makes our hearts go dhak dhak.

7.Shah Rukh Khan:

shah rukh khan

While the other Khan's were busy playing the number game, SRK went a step ahead and carved his body into what was admired by all and inspired millions. And who else, other than good-friend Dabboo could capture the intense and action-oriented eight-pack abs avatar of King Khan; a complete makeover from the charming and romantic SRK we have always seen. He looks sizzling and sexy.

8. Deepika Padukone:

 deepika padukone

Yes Ranveer Singh, we envy you. BIG TIME. Those eyes….

9. Ranveer Singh:

ranveer singh

The rugged yet cool and stylish photo-shoot along with tons of confidence and ambitious eyes.

10. Alia Bhatt:

alia bhatt

She shocked us with her dare-bare avatar in the previous edition of the calendar. This time, she has gone ahead to make herself look wet. Wait no…we mean this. Take a look at the picture behind Priyanka Chopra. Doesn't she look sensuous?

11. Varun Dhawan:

 varun dhawan

He re-defines class, charm and suave-style with this photo-shoot. A black and white canvas but looks nothing less than the cinematic entry of a star on the big screen. Looks like Jr.Dhawan takes the 'Main Tera Hero' tag way too seriously. We love it.

12. Amitabh Bachchan:

amitabh bachchan

Keeping up with the tag of being the coolest man at 72, Big B looks classy and suave in the suit. While one Big B has got the smirk and the attitude, the other brings out the funny and lovable Big B. Perhaps reminded us of Madam Tussauds maybe?

13. Parineeti Chopra:

 parineeti chopra

Another attempt by Pari to look sexy and break her cute girl-next-door image. She looks sizzling hot in the bathtub wearing those big spectacles and holding a cigar in her hand. How I wish I has such a sizzling teacher in school.

14. John Abraham:

 john abraham

No matter how many times we have seen him shirtless, we just can't get over this picture. He looks like a sexy French model; and those chiseled abs and muscles are still a winner.

15. Shraddha Kapoor:

shraddha kapoor

And while we were busy falling for John, this girl gave us a whole new reason to get over him and fall for her. Again a black-and-white but a sizzling and sensuous one. Those magical eyes, her flawless beauty, her beautiful hair and the backless pose… *lovestruck*

16. Kajol:


Intense. Is she planning to work with Ram Gopal Verma now?

17. Abhishek Bachchan:

abhishek bachchan

Like father like son. Jr.B's height is the same as his father, as we all know. But this picture proves that yet again as the Big Man walks on the busy streets of Mumbai.

18. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

aishwarya rai bachchan

Looks like it was a family affair! If Big B and Jr.B are there, how could the Bahu. B be left behind? She looks sizzling and classy.

19. Arjun Rampal:

arjun rampal

Keeping up with his image of a serious charmer, Arjun looks smoking hot behind the cycle wheels sporting the much-loved stubble and wearing a hat.

20. Anushka Sharma:

anushka sharma

A very cozy one, she looks way too lazy to even get up.

21. Siddharth Malhotra:

siddharth malhotra

The serious look + Right arm tattoo's + Beard look + The key-mark of his face + Intense look + Leather jacket = This perfect pic. *aye villain….aye villain*

22. Sonakshi Sinha:

sonakshi sinha

Perhaps a copy of John Abraham's 2013 calendar picture? While John looked hot and adorable, Sonakshi TRIES to look funny and cute. EPIC FAIL.

23. Ranbir Kapoor:

ranbir kapoor

The young man knows very well he belongs to the Kapoor Khandaan and has a legacy he has to take care of. With images of various Kapoor-family's hits and the 'RK film' poster too, Ranbir looks serious and suave. We guess he is wondering what he should do to be remembered like his father and grandfathers.

24. Bipasha Basu:

 bipasha basu

We saved the hottest one for the very end. The sultry Bipasha Basu looks so sexy and free-spirited in this one, wearing a bikini. The perfect color combination of the blue sky and turquoise bikini make this picture worth a million Likes.

Looks like Dabboo keeps getting better and innovative every year! Way to go man. Hoping to see more amazing pictures throughout the year and another amazing 2016 Calendar next year!

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