Famous Bollywood songs with the most bizarre lyrics

Famous Bollywood songs with the most bizarre lyrics

What matters the most in a song? Is it just the tune or are lyrics equally important? While the tune might be the outside covering, lyrics form the main body of a song. However our Bollywood lyricists don't seem to be fathoming their significance while gimmicking around with the norms of sense and sensibility.

1) Jab tak rahega samose mein alu, tera rahunga oh meri shalu.

Till the time samosa's have potatoes, I'm yours Shalu!

So once potatoes over, love over?

2) Tadpaye Tarsayere saari raat jagay, pyaar tera Dilli Ki Sardi

Makes you suffer, keeps you thirsty and awake the whole night, your love is like the winter of Delhi.

Now that's a whole new invention in the science of diseases.

3) Mein ladki pon pon pon, tu ladka pon pon pon, Hum dono milen po po po ab aage hoga kya?

I'm a girl pon pon pon, you're a guy pon pon pon, when we meet pon pon pon, what will happen next?

Simple……… pon pon pon.

4) Arrey don't touch my body o more saiyan tera jala dungi gadda aur takiya

Don't touch my body or else I'll burn your pillow and mattress.

Such a scary threat!

5) Batata Vadaaaa, batata Vada, Dil nahin dena tha dena pada.

Batata Vadaaaa, batata Vada, she didn't want to give her heart, yet she had to.

In return for what, Batada vada? Boy that must have been a very tasty batata wada!

6) Dil garden garden ho gaya Ke bhawra bagiyan mein kho gaya

The Heart became a garden and the bumblebee got lost in it.

Seriously Wwwhaaaaattt?

7) Dudh ban jaungi malai ban jaungi botlo me dal de sharab ban jaungi

I'll become milk, I'll become cream and if you pour me in a bottle, I'll become liquor.

Wow how flexible, I wish I could do that.

8) Tere seb jaise gaal Tu hai mindblowing maal aaja nach le soni nach le mere naal ve Po po popopo.

You're apple like cheeks, your mind-blowing goods, dance, baby dance with me, po po po.

Seriously after saying all that, you think I'd dance with you, po po po?

9) Meri umr abhi hai satrah chaahu, to hilaa du chhapara, Mujhako na samajhana jumma, Naa dugi tujhako chuma

I'm currently 17, I can shake roofs, don't explain jumma's for I won't give you a kiss.

Ok superwoman, not explaining, now where's my kiss?

10) O mehfil taan sajdi te hilte-dulte tooh, Gore gore naughty-naughty round-round tooh

The gathering is decorated by moving butts, fair, naughty and round butts.

What an ass addict.

11) Mera dil tota ban jaye, kaisa mithu mithu bole haye

My heart becomes a parrot and speaks oh so sweetly.

Hold on to that parrot girl, before it flies off, or else you'd be heartless!

12) Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar Hookah bar

Your love, Hokkah bar.

This is what happens when people use metaphors while they are so so doped!

13) Ye duniya pittal di, baby doll me sone di

This world is made of brass, but I'm a baby doll of gold.

You self-obsessed piece of metal.

14) Tera rasta dekh rahi hun Sigadi pe dil sek rahi hun Aa pardesi more balma

I'm waiting for you, roasting my heart on a barbeque, come oh foreigner my lover.

She can still love her foreigner after roasting her heart? Attagurl!

15) Beedi Jalaile leh Jigar Se Piya Jigar Maabadi Aag Hai

Light a beedi with your heart, the heart has a hell lot of fire in it.

Woohooooo, I have fire stored in me!!!

16) Aaj mere liye chair kheech raha hai, kal meri skirt kheenchega, Unche se uncha banda, potty pe baithe nanga, Phir kaahe ki society, saali kaahe ka paakhanda

Today you're pulling a chair for me, tomorrow you'd pull my skirt, even the most renowned personality sits naked on the toilet seat, then where's the society and hypocrisy?

R.I.P Logic.

17) Ek hasine jab ruth jaa ti hai toh ek do teen ho jati hai

When a pretty woman sulks, one two three happens.

So next time your girlfriend sulks, expect 123 to happen. What's 123? Boo####mPu*****f&&&&


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